Johary Dental

Dr. C.F. Johary is a 1980 graduate from Union County High School in Lake Butler, FL. During High School Dr. Johary lettered in Baseball and Football; was voted the Senior Superlative: Most Artistic; competed yearly in Local, Regional, and State Science Fairs; four years of Student Government; four years of advanced college prep courses, and received a four year Athletic/Academic Scholarship. He attended the University of Florida in Gainesville.

At the University of Florida, Dr. Johary was involved in Student Government and took four years of Pre-Dental advanced courses and graduated with a Bachelor's Degree in Zoology. Simultaneously, he received an A.S. in Dental Hygiene from S.F.C.C (Gainesville). He was licensed in Florida as a Dental Hygienist in 1988.

Dr. Johary attended the University of Louisville (KY) School of Dentistry where he was selected by his classmates as their Class President. He was a member of Psi Omega Dental Fraternity, Who's Who Among U.S. Dental Students and his Dental class softball team. As a Sophomore, he was enrolled in the Masters Program (Oral Biology). Also as a Sophomoe he obtained his Dental Hygiene license in Kentucky, allowing him to work part-time. He finished his four year Dental graduation requirements in three years. As a Junior, he was selected to the Commissioned Officers Student Externship Program (United States Public Health Service). He spent the summer of his Junior year and all of his Senior year, as a commissioned officer (O-1), working and training in the Dental Department of Park Duvalle Community Health Center in Louisville, KY. Dr. Johary graduated from Dental School in 1992 and returned home to Florida.

After returning to Gainesville from Louisville, Dr. Johary worked for a couple of months as a substitute Dental Hygienist in the Gainesville area until he received his State of Florida Dental license. From 1992 through 1994, Dr. Johary worked as a Dental Associate in the Orlando area.

On March 15, 1995, Dr. Johary opened his own practice, Mt. Dora Dental Care; Walmart opened nearby in 1998. In 1997, Dr. Johary opened his second office, Lady Lake Dental Care which was the 3rd Dental office to exist in The Villages, FL (N. Hwy 441); Walmart opened nearby in 2000. In 2003, Dr. Johary opened his third office, Oxford Dental Care on Hwy 301 which was the 1st Dental office in Oxford (The Villages West); Walmart opened nearby in 2006. These were the three main practices (anchors) which would lead to the other Dental focus areas: Central FL Dental Plan (CFDP 2006), Lake County Mobile Dentistry, Lake County Denture Service (LCDS 1996), Tri-County Dental Lab (2004), The Villages Pediatric Dentistry (2004), The Villages Dental Implant Centre (2004), Village Orthodontics (2005), Lake County Pediatric Dentistry (2008), Wekiva Springs Dental Care (2010), and Central FL Dental Implant Centre (2010).

Dr. Johary's late father was an educator and was always wanting to learn more. Dr. Johary is no different, he really loves Dentistry and is always looking for challenging, advanced Continuing Education courses to take. He graduated from the 600 hour 2-year Univ. of FL Advanced Masters Program (CDP 24); two successive 1-year Ortho programs (300 hours total), and countless hours of Implant Surgical Courses. All of the Associates that Dr. Johary hires are also well-trained and experienced; almost all Dental procedures are performed at each location (in-house). Furthermore, all workmanship has a written conditional lifetime warranty (unheard of in Dentistry!). Dr. Johary also believes that Dentistry should be affordable, thus making it readily accessible to everyone. Good oral home care and regular professional maintainance is the foundation for a healthy oral cavity, and being a former Hygienist, cleanings and Periodontal maintenance is priority and highly emphasized.

Dr. Johary is married and has three young children who are students at the Anunciation Catholic Academy. Dr. Johary's wife is an Attorney by profession, but currently manages the offices and very busy raising the children.

Aside from Dentistry, Dr. Johary has many interests such as General Aviation (Private Pilot License 2001), freshwater fishing, boating, world travel, spectator sports (Florida football), and raising animals on his ranches: American Bison, Indian Water Buffalo, Yorkshire Pigs, Minature Horses, wild Mustangs, and Boer Goats.